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Top 10 Most Effective cardio workouts for fat loss | Shape Hints

cardio workouts for fat loss

Cardio workouts for fat loss Feel the burn Do this routine just 3 times a week to drop weight. (Planning a beach vacation? Add a 45-minute walk on everyday to burn another almost 250 calories per day. You’ll burn more than 2 thousand calories a week!) Jumping jacks Jumping jacks is the first step in cardio workouts for fat loss, do ...

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Top 5 Benefits of Aerobic Exercise That Will Surprise You | Shape Hints

aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercise is good and essential for your heart. Learn about the health benefits and the latest aerobic exercise guidelines. The latest guidelines from the American Heart Association recommend almost 30 minutes of moderately intense aerobic exercise. They recommend it 5 days in a week or 20 minutes of high intensity aerobic exercise 3 days in a week. This plan is helpful to ...

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Amazing Health Benefits of Physical Fitness on Your Life | Shape Hints

Physical fitness tips

Stop delaying and start exercising! There are great benefits of physical exercise which can’t be ignored. Stay strong, live long. It’s not just a slogan — actually these are great advantages of regular exercise. According to a latest study People who have high levels of physical fitness are at very lower risk of dying from different causes. Advantages of Exercise There are others good ...

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