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Top 10 Most Effective cardio workouts for fat loss | Shape Hints

cardio workouts for fat loss

Cardio workouts for fat loss

Feel the burn

Do this routine just 3 times a week to drop weight. (Planning a beach vacation? Add a 45-minute walk on everyday to burn another almost 250 calories per day. You’ll burn more than 2 thousand calories a week!)

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks is the first step in cardio workouts for fat loss, do it for almost 3 minutes.

Side lunge

Stand holding 6- to 8-pound dumbbells. Step your right leg out to the side and bend knee to exact 90 degrees, so that your hands reach down on either side of the right foot. Push right foot off to return to the standing with right foot in front of left foot, arms should be sweeping up with your palms facing in. Repeat it on the left side by left foot stepping behind right when you return to center; your 1 rep completed. Do 22 reps, then switch sides and repeat it.

Dancing squat

Stand by pushing your right foot forward, a 6- to 8-pound weight in your left hand. Squat; touch it (weight) to the floor when your right hand lifts. Stand, and lift left knee, touch right feet to the left in front of you. Squat then stand straight; touch your left foot behind you with right hand; 1 rep completed. Do 22 reps; switch sides and repeat it.

Line hops

For almost 2 minutes, Step sideways over a stretched out jump rope.

Tipsy bridge and lift

Carefully lie on your back, feet hip width distant, flexed left foot on a telephone book or yoga block, by putting right foot on the floor. Keeping abs tight and head and shoulders neutral, like we do in abs workouts lift hips so that your body forms a line straight from shoulders to knees. Then lift right foot by bringing your knee to the chest. Return foot to the floor; 1 rep completed. Do 22 reps, then switch sides and repeat it.

Biceps and arm circles

Stand with legs a little wider than hip-width, a 6- to 8-pound dumbbell in both hands, palms up and elbows bent. Keeping your back straight, squat and circle your left hand up and towards your shoulder in an exact circular motion, reverse to your lower hand. It will help you in arm workouts. Do 15 reps, then switch sides and repeat it. It is very beneficial Cardio workouts for fat loss

Fast feet

For 2 minutes Step fast forward and backward over some kind of stretched-out jump rope.

Triceps with a twist

Again Lie on back with bent your knees, a 6- to 8-pound dumbbell lifted in right hand so weight is over your shoulder. Your knees should fall left while bending your right elbow. While lifting head, hips, legs, and shoulders straighten right arm. Lower down gently. Do 22 reps, then switch sides and repeat it.

Roll over and sit up

Lie on stomach, arms stretched overhead, chest lifted, and legs straight. Roll to right on your back, bringing your arms half-way down and bending your knees slightly; bend to sitting position as your arms move back overhead. Then roll back over onto stomach by curling back down. Do 15 reps, then switch directions and repeat it.

Cross crawl

Raise your both arms, then bring right elbow down by lifting left knee. Do it on opposite side; swap for 2 minutes, moving as rapidly as possible. Congratulation, You are done!


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