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Mental health

What is Schizophrenia | major Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

what is schizophrenia disorder

What is Schizophrenia ? Schizophrenia is a severe mental and chronic disorder that affects how a person feels, thinks and behaves. People who suffer from schizophrenia may seem that they became ignorant with reality. Although like other mental disorders such as bipolar disorder,  schizophrenia is not as common, the symptoms can be extremely disabling. Symptoms of schizophrenia Symptoms of schizophrenia ...

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Warning Signs, Causes and treatment of Bipolar Disorder

bipolar disorder

What Is Bipolar Disorder? Bipolar disorder sometimes known as manic depression. It causes intense shifts in mood. People who suffer from it may spend weeks by feeling that before falling into a major depression they are on top of the world. The length of each low and high varies from person to person. What the Depression Phase is looking? Without ...

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Major Depression causes, symptoms and treatment

major depression

A constant sense of despair and hopelessness is a major sign you may have major depression, also called clinical depression. With having major depression, it’s very difficult to eat healthy diet, work, study, sleep, and even enjoy your family, friends and activities. Some people have major depression only once in their whole life, while others may have it many times in a lifetime. Sometimes ...

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